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Feature FREE PRO VIP Unlimited
Prices FREE $9.90
per month
per month
per month
Google photos unlimited disk space
Extra cloud disk space  15GB 100GB 1000GB Unlimited
Watermark photo middle bottom 
Sub- directory 1 level 
Edit images 
Geolocation tag single image 
Adding description 
Find/remove duplicities - simple 
Simple share 
Upload Original 
Affiliate system 
Allow comments 
Synchronize with photos - simple 1 per week 
Synchronize with Photos - complete 1 per month 
Add geotagging to image 
Link shortener simple 
Check statistics 
Sell media - PayPal 
Sub-directory 2 levels 
Offline presentations 
Single publish Social Media 
Geolocation whole directory 
Watermark photo other positions 
Storing audio files 
Adding tags 
Find/remove duplicities - Smart 
5-star voting system 
Change front page layout 
Share with role description 
Upload source file 
Own domain name and customization
Edit Exif file 
Add video layer 
Synchronize with photos - simple unlimited 
Synchronize with Photos complete + 1 per week 
Watermark video 
Preview size set 
Edit video 1 per week  1
Automated publish to Facebook 
Automated publish to Pinterest 
Automated publish to Twitter 
Edit unlimited videos 
Automated Description generation (Spin) 
Access to the Image databases  1 1
Intelligent Access Management  1 1
Link shortener editable  * * *
Synchronize with photos complete unlimited
Prices FREE $9.90
per month
per month
per month
Promotion prices (life time) FREE $119 $599 $1799