Our Pixarnia team

We are the group great fans of developing new applications and helping other people to solve their problems. Which problem do we solve here?
We remove the fears of losing your most excellent photo and video memories. Some of us experienced the loss of pictures and video due to disk scratches or hard drive failures.
We spent more than two years by hard working to develop Pixarnia. And we are still working hard to improve existing features and developing new features.
We listen to Pixarnia users, that is why developed Pixarnia in the best way to satisfy their needs.

Our Team members

Gabo Bruno
CEO of Pixarnia
Gabo Bruno is product creator, fan and user of Pixarnia. He is responsible for creating the overall company strategy, oversees the development, approves marketing strategies and manages the teams.

Lead developer
Tomas Oversees the development of Pixarnia. He is responsible for the integration of all components and modules to the code, and the running the testing processes. He is responsible for the support team.

Principal Server Administrator
John takes care of all company servers. He is responsible for the installation, set up, maintenance and upgrade of all our company servers. He also takes care of security and back-ups of all our systems.

Senior Developer
Martin develops the modules and clears the bugs. He is responsible for developing new features, testing them and integrating into Pixarnia code.

Main Tester
Klaudia makes the best to find the bugs. Her task is to use Pixarnia in different scenarios and identifies and reports various bugs.