There are more than just one way to use Pixarnia. It can be used as a supplement of Google photos where you can upload all your photos and videos first and use Pixarnia for more advanced features. You also need additional cloud disk space for the presentations, originals, video previews, edited photos, etc. since Google photos do not allow us to store multimedia files back to Google’s free disk space. For this purpose, you can use free Google Drive, which gives you 15 GB of free disk space.

If you do not trust free disk space provided by Google, you can use independent storage and store all your photos and videos there. For this purpose, Pixarnia offers WebDev API interface, which enables you to connect with many of the recognized storage services.

Pixarnia stores only your Thumbnails and Preview images, but do not store any of your originals, presentations, source files, etc.

Many of Pixarnia sophisticated services are provided for free or can be purchased for a single payment.

If you are a professional photographer or video-maker, entrepreneur or marketer, you will certainly appreciate advanced features, which will facilitate and automate your business. According to your needs, we have scaled up the paid service from 100GB of external disk storage to Unlimited account that comprises all present and future services in one monthly payment.

Before you start, please watch instructions video and read instructions and manual so that you can fully enjoy and be benefited from Pixarnia.