We highly value your photo and video memories, and we want you to have them available anytime and anywhere. Thanks to Google Photos service, you can store unlimited images (up to 16 Mpix) and videos (Max FHD). But we did not stop here.

Pixarnia was created for those who expect more from their multimedia gallery. Pixarnia is not just “another product” in the market. Pixarnia is our heart, it is our soul, it is our baby who will grow up.

We developed Pixarnia originally for our needs, used by our friends and us. We developed its features based on our needs. Pixarnia quickly overcame the role to be just a private gallery. Our friends, professional photographers, entrepreneurs, and online marketing experts quickly recognized the great value of Pixarnia in their business. This was the time when we decided to go out public with Pixarnia.

The decision was simple, but the work was hard. We had to reprogram the huge amount of code, implemented security rules, sophisticated roles management, and much more. Changing rules and API of Google photos is also complicated our work. We needed a huge investment in technology and about a year of development work.

Our vision was to provide services for free, but we realized that we were unable to finance further Pixarnia development. We need support from our users. This was the reason why we charge for the extra services with modest fees, enabling us to pay for our past development as well as future development and maintenance of Pixarnia.

And for here, we need your help. Our mission is to be the best service provider in the market, but we cannot do it without continuous development. Please report us any bugs you find in the system and make proposals for improvements and changes. We will also develop new features if you are interested.

I invite you to become a part of our big family of Pixarnia users, no matter if you use only free or paid services. You have the chance to be at the moment of born of something really big. Recommend Pixarnia to your friends and partners. The more users we have, the better service we can provide.

Please accept our cordial thanks.