This document is our current Affiliate Policy for our website. Please read our Affiliate policy if you want to become Affiliate of
NOTE: It is a legally bound contract between and our: visitors, users, and customers. If you do not like or agree with these terms or are under the age of eighteen (18), we ask that you do not register for an account or continue to use the website. We reserve the right to amend or change our Affiliate Policy at any time, and by your continued use of our website and platform, you are agreeing to these terms.

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Effective Date: 1st May 2018


I. Affiliate definitions

Affiliate option – introduces the option to earn some money for the users, which will recommend to their friends, colleagues or partners.

Affiliate system – Affiliate system on are the modules and features that enable to monitor any access and registration of website visitor based on their referral link.

Affiliate partner – any registered user of who will invite other users via his/her referral link. Referral link can be generated inside the user administration.

II. Visitors activities

If the visitor of comes by referral link, this visit will be recorded as well as the identity of the affiliate partner who sends this visitor to our website via his/her referral link:

Any Internet user, visiting the website, based on the referral link can:

  1. Visit the website and leave it without any other activity – Affiliate visitor.
  2. Sign up to the platform and undertake any free activity – Affiliate Registree.
  3. Buy one or more upgrade features for the free account or buy any of the monthly subscriptions – Affiliate buyer

III. Affiliate profit

Any Affiliate is eligible to get an appreciation (a profit) in the case when:

  1. 10 Affiliate visitors will register FREE account on the Pixarnia website. Affiliate partner will get 1 Bean for every 10 visitors subscribed.
  2. Any Affiliate Registree upgrades its account and buys at least 1 paid service as the upgrade of their profile. Affiliate partner gets 1 Bean.
  3. Upgrades its profile for a monthly payment for any of PRO, VIP or Unlimited account. Affiliate partner gets full 1-month payment (1 Bean for PRO account, 5 Beans for VIP account, and 15 Beans for UNLIMITED account).

IV. Claiming Beans

Affiliate partner can claim the earned Beans after the refund period (30 days).

Earned Beans can be used for the payment of Affiliate partner own services (single or monthly service) or can be given away in the form code. One code will represent 1 Bean.

If the affiliate partner earns more than 100 Beans and has no chance to spend them for own account, he/she can claim, from, for reimbursement of Beans in the form of real currency (US Dollars).

V. False registration and claims will monitor all suspicious registrations. Suspicious registration might have the following signs:

If any Affiliate partner has a big portion of suspicious registration, his Affiliate account might be temporarily restricted. During this period, he/she is unable to use Beans earned from his/her affiliate activities. Nevertheless,

he/she can use his/her account without any restrictions.

VI. Legal appeals (compliance)

The Affiliate Partner service is built as a voluntary service and as the opportunity for registered users to earn some Beans when recommending But none of the Affiliate partners can claim legal compliance in court.

VII. Contact

You can contact at INBOX Slovakia s.r.o., Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Email: [email protected]